Arthritis of the thumb

ARTHRITIS OF THE THUMB (trapezio-metacarpal joint)

This condition relates the the premature “wear and tear” of the cartilage forming the joint between the thumb and the wrist.

Pain is centered around this joint (see diagram), and is made worse with forceful
and repeated use of the hand.



This Condition occurs in women much more than it does in men, and often, although this premature degradation of the joint is usually present in both wrists, it is often MORE pronounced in the NON-DOMINANT hand !

A combination of physical examination and x-ray evaluation will enable the hand surgeon to tell how worn out the cartilage has become; and depending on the severity of the condition, treatment can include a simple steroid injection into the area (in early cases), and in more severe presentations surgery may be required.


The end result is that patients after treatment are pain-free and are able to return to their usual daily activities in a comfortable manner.

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