Private surgery in the briefest delays and in the best conditions

Montreal Institute for Special Surgery is located at the Sanctuary of Mount-Royal at the heart of metropolis, near the large hotels and accommodations roads. Our clinic includes the best specialized surgeons and health professionals. In addition to having a pleasant environment and harmony, you will obtain an appointment in promptly according to your agenda. In the public system, you will often find a two-year period waiting time. This can sometimes result in irreversible situations. We largely collaborate with over 80 specialized physicians and pharmacists, which in fact makes Montreal Institute for Special Surgery a place of choice.


Since 2009, it is obligatory to be a CMS license holder attributed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec to lead a day surgery center. We have obtained our permit following an inspection health care professionals, who ensured the quality and security of our installations. We have implemented measures to assure the prevention of infections in our establishment, a set of elements which greatly contribute to the quality offered to our patients.

Do not wait any longer, be a master of your health! Consult a specialist without a doctor’s note or referral.

Montreal Institute for Special Surgery will greet you warm-heartedly. Every file is treated in priority, and you will have an appointment in the briefest delays. As soon as you call, we will receive you without a doctor’s referral and our personnel will assist you and refer you towards one of our specialists. Our doctors will offer you the best treatments should you be a sports enthusiast, a worker, retired or professional athlete.

Advantages of having private surgery at Montreal Institute for Special Surgery

  • Waiting time is non-existent, contrary to the chronic congestion of the hospitals
  • Private consultation
  • Appointments given according to your schedule for Ambulatory Surgery and the Department of Health and Social Services of Quebec
  • Multiservice environment where top specialists practice
  • Sophisticated operating room
  • Preoperative laboratory service if necessary
  • Pharmacists accessible in the same building
  • Safe medical equipment at cutting-edge technology