Repair of ligaments, tendons and nerves

Repair of Hand and wrist ligaments, tendons or nerve injuries

Muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves all combine to control and move joints. Tissues can be damaged through overloading.  Lifting too much cutting or crushing, or detaching can cause painful damage.

Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries are often obvious because they cause local pain and swelling. Initially the injury may be underestimated as patients are often reluctant to move local joints when they are sore from injury.

A hand specialist like Dr. Daniel Durand who sees the patient on a daily basis, can accurately determine the cause of local pain.  For milder injuries comparing passive and active movement of a particular joint can determine a course of action to take to remedy the problem.

For most of the rest of the injuries X-rays will be performed. Other tests such as a CT scan may be ordered to assess the bones and joints if there are concerns about associated injuries at the same site.

If ligament, tendon or nerve injuries or damage are minor then rest and supervised movement are often sufficient for a proper recovery. If the damage is more severe, surgery may be recommended to avoid long-term disability.

All our surgeries are performed under in a state-of-the-art operating theatre. For injuries to the hand and fingers surgery can often be performed under local anesthetic. Recovery times can range from a few short weeks up to 12 weeks for severe tendon or ligament damage.

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