Hand surgery FAQ

Dr. Durand and his team is available to advise and assist you in your search for information on hand surgery. Our FAQ will answer many questions that you may have.

Dr. Durand is the only fellowship trained hand surgeon, Board Certified in Canada and the United States, with 25 years of hand surgery experience, and is a former associate professor at McGill University , and former Examiner for Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Daniel Durand also has a masters degree in experimental nerve surgery from mcgill university , and thus is uniquely suited to bring you the best and most highly tuned treatment to any hand, wrist, fingers or elbow condition, as well as all aspects of hand surgery.

View the most common question about hand surgery. If you still have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where will my surgery be done?

Surgery is done in accredited, state-of-the-art operating rooms under the supervision and with the help of certified anesthesiologists, respiratory care technicians, and certified nurses. Just about all of our hand surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis, so that you can return to the comfort of your home soon after your surgery is completed.

What type of anaesthesia?

Mostly all of our hand surgeries are performed under regional anesthesia; that is to say that you will not have to go sleep. This allows for a more comfortable surgery experience, and a return to activities as soon as possible.

How long does surgery last?

Most hand surgeries take less than 45 minutes to perform when done by a board-certified and accredited hand surgeon; some surgeries ,such as carpal tunnel surgery, take as little as 5 minutes to complete !

When will I be able to use my hand?

Most hand surgeries allow the reasonable use of your hand the day after surgery. Precautions and instructions specific to the type of surgery you have had will be given to you during your pre-operative consultation, as well as after your procedure.

Can hand surgery be done by any doctor?

Hand surgery is a very delicate very refined surgical specialty best performed by board-certified, experienced and accredited hand surgeons. The vast majority of hands for juries are so fragile that the single and the best opportunity for a good postoperative result is only available after the first intervention. Please choose your surgeon wisely and ask for the proper credentials as well as national and international professional association and affiliations.

What about complications?

Complications are rare and undesirable, but they do occur occasionally. And, on the rare instance where a complication happens, your board-certified hand surgeon will instruct you on the proper course of action to take in order to resolve the issue.

How do I know if I need hand surgery?

As you know, using your hands on a daily basis should be an easy pain-free experience. Any condition that causes pain or discomfort in the area of your hands and wrist during typical daily use of your hands is not normal. This includes pain that you may experience that may wake you up at night. If this happens to you please mention it to your doctor or make an appointment with a hand specialist for an examination. The goal of every board-certified hand surgeon is to return his patient to normal and comfortable daily use of the hands at home as well as at work.

How long until I have my surgery?

Once your hand surgeon has ascertained that you are a candidate for hand surgery, then that surgery is best perform in the shortest delay possible. This will ensure the most complete return to function and comfort possible. Delays in performing hand surgery often lead to functional losses and deficits, as well as delays in healing and increased risks of complications. At our institution, hand surgery can be offered within a week or two after the decision has been made that surgery is necessary.

How can I make an appointment?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment online or call us at (514) 941-5562. Our patient coordinator will reach you promptly and personally assist you in making an appointment.

Dr. Durand offers Easy & Rapid appointments for Evaluation & Diagnosis. Treatments OFTEN available SAME DAY or within 1 week !


Dr. Durand will take the time to carefully outline the various options available to you along with the benefits and risks associated with each procedure during your comprehensive one-on-one consultation.

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